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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Instagram Fun

Perhaps more than any other social media site, I love Instagram. I love it for many reasons, but mainly because it’s a place just for photos. Through a photograph, I can say more than I ever could through the written word. As the saying goes “A picture is worth a 1000 words.” It’s also a great way to entertain myself, especially when I can’t sleep! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

FHM Cover Model

Over the course of my modeling career, I’ve had the privilege of gracing the cover of FHM magazine more than a few times. As I look back on all those experiences, I can’t help but feel truly blessed! My blog features details on each shoot, but for this post I wanted to share some of my favorite pics with you.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Los Angeles Fun

As an L.A. girl, I’m always ready to see the unique sights of this wonderful city. Here are just some of the ways I spend my summer in the City of Angels.

The Hollywood Sign

I had the pleasure of visiting this iconic image during a photo shoot the other day, and it was worth the hour walk! If you want to reach the closest to the sign, start at the end of Deronda Drive. Next, start walking up the road. In 60 minutes you should reach a fence, the closest legal viewpoint of the sign.

You can’t get this taster burger in the East Coast. And you can’t enjoy a California summer without one. Perhaps it’s tasty because they only use 100 percent pure beef that is free of preservatives and additives. I also love the place because the menu is simple: burgers, fries, and shakes.

Poolside Fun
Besides the beach, the only way to beat an incredibly hot Los Angeles day is to jump into the pool.  If you don’t have one at home or in your apartment, don’t sweat it. The City of Angels is home to many beautiful hotels that open their pools to the public for summer events.

LA Style

Wondering how the locals dress in L.A.? Los Angeles style is invariably evolving, and the look of the moment always depends on the person. That’s because the City of Angels is all about embracing individual style. That said -- there are a few ways you can always spot an Angelino. Whether you’re on vacation or have been living here all of your life, use this simple guide to fit in no matter where you go in L.A.

Show some skin.

Don’t waste a beautiful warm day in Los Angeles covered up. Southern California is blessed with abundant sunshine and true Angelinos know how to get their vitamin D. So break out your summer dresses, short skirts, and short shorts.

 Flaunt high heels. Since you rarely have to walk in this city, you can easily get away with wearing your tallest heels -- even while out running errands.

Get colorful. A Los Angeles native always stands out, whether it’s bright pink lipstick, a bright yellow dress, or red heels. Don’t be afraid to break out the rainbow while living in L.A.!

NYC in the Summer

There’s a lot to do in NYC during the warmest months of the year. As a recent transplant, I’m still exploring the Big Apple and discovering its many gems and hidden treasures. But it’s a wonderful place to call home. My favorite thing to do is just ride my bike and enjoy the incredible views!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dear readers,
I am thrilled to share with you the amazing photographs from the recent Snaps Studio Shoot.
Here is the talented team:
Makeup: Evelyn Ramirez@Evilyn_mua
Hair: Brandon Palestino Instagram/bpalestino
Videographer: DreamStone Video
Photographer: Snaps Studio Photography

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New York Energy with California Sunshine

Kaki West pics
Los Angeles and Manhattan are two completely different worlds, but I absolutely adore them both. And now I get to call both cities home. I am excited to announce that my family is officially bi-coastal, living the best of both worlds: New York’s energy and the California sunshine.

For years I was an LA girl. Along with perfect weather, the second-largest city in the U.S. boasts more than a vibrant entertainment industry. There is a unique culture in LA of great food, people, and music, and living so close to the beautiful Pacific Ocean is priceless.  But then I married a New Yorker. A wonderful man; it’s because of him that this California girl can stay true to LA without missing out on the excitement and energy of the Big Apple.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Thank you to Esquire magazine Greece for my editorial. I have dreamed of traveling to the beautiful country of Greece, and now thru Esquire I got to go, but only on paper!

Photographer: John Russo
Makeup: Evelyn Ramirez
Hair: Becca Janian
Location: Rooftop in downtown Los Angeles

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